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Set The Captives Free!

Hello, I am Harold.  I am called to teach others how they can be free of demonic oppression and how they can help others to be free too.

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Luke 10:19 The Greatest Secret

Please watch my introduction video above for the full impact of this message.

Hello.  I am Harold Vega Vondenstein and grew up unaware of what I am calling "The Greatest Secret" and it is right there in the bible.  Jesus Christ said in Luke 10:19 "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all power of the enemy and you will not be harmed."   Had I known and believed that one truth as spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ, my whole life would have been different.  I didn't know that truth and the enemy ruled and ruined my life.  There was so much pain and collateral damage to family relationships and others that could have been avoided HAD I KNOWN AND BELIEVED THAT TRUTH!

I am co-founder of Gateway To Glory Ministries along with my beautiful wife, Paula Vega Vondenstein. Deliverance Warfare Bootcamp is an outreach of this ministry which equips Christian warriors with a very effective way to use this authority given to us by Jesus Christ in Luke 10:19.  The goal is to set our Christian brothers and sisters free from demonic influence while teaching them how to do the same for others so that all can be released into their calling...their ministry for the Kingdom.  The teaching we share is based on the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ and best summarized in a life work by Mr. Everett Cox, a believer in our Lord and committed deliverance minister.  Mr. Cox is being used by the Lord now in a mighty way setting many captives free every Monday evening as he has done so for the last 34 years.  Thousands of Christians oppressed by the enemy have been set free over the years by his ministry and team of ministers.

Mr. Cox has written a book entitled "Doing The Supernatural Works Of Jesus" and his book contains the methods adopted and taught at Deliverance Warfare Bootcamp.  The Lord led me to this biblical approach to deliverance developed by Mr Cox, Founder and Senior Minister of Deliverance Ministries Inc in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for my own personal healing and deliverance.  Everett is a champion of promoting Luke 10:19 and he is the one who brought this greatest secret to me.  Everett personally ministered deliverance to me and I can attest for much healing and much deliverance from demonic oppression using his straightforward and effective deliverance methods.  He calls it getting a "Jesus overhaul" and says everyone can use one.  I totally agree.  Jesus has put on my heart the mission of sharing with others this very effective, easily understood and transferable method of deliverance which I believe every Christian should know growing up.  It is everyday Christianity that every Christian should know and is not taught in most churches today..

Luke 10:19, "The Greatest Secret", will be told now by Gateway To Glory Ministries wherever the Lord allows, at the Deliverance Warfare Bootcamp.  It will be shared and taught along with original deliverance music and song inspired by the Lord and written by Harold Vega Vondenstein.  Also there is a unique visual aid in the form of a jacket used at this ministry teaching event given by Holy Spirit as a tool to help others see and understand how we all come to be walking in bondage and much is through no fault of our own.  

You might consider making a trip to Oklahoma City one Monday evening to participate directly with Everett's ministry team.  I would highly recommend it.  You can make arrangements by contacting their office and speaking to either Everett or Richard.  Richard is the Executive Minister for that ministry.  Tell them Harold in Gulfport, MS sent you.  Their website address is

You might consider bringing our Deliverance Warfare Bootcamp to your church or other facility or attending this event as it is scheduled at various times and places in the Gulf Coast area.  Simply register above to receive via email the Deliverance Warfare Bootcamp agenda.  This agenda is flexible and subject to Holy Spirit as He is in charge of all meeting events.  Subsequent details and changes will follow to all those who sign up above for the agenda.

We stand ready to do what the Lord wants us to do.  He is in charge.  Contact us for more information by signing up above to receive our Deliverance Warfare Bootcamp agenda and subsequent email communication updates.

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My phone number will be in the email you receive upon sign up and if you leave me a message I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You my Lord Jesus Christ for allowing Paula and I to be used for this purpose.  Thank You Lord for Everett and Richard over at Deliverance Ministries in Oklahoma City and for their years of service and for sharing their amazing work for others to follow to be free of the enemy.  It's time for Deliverance Warfare.

May Jesus bless you.
Harold Vega Vondenstein
Paula Vega Vondenstein


Deliverance Videos

Freedom Church in Daphne, AL was the church the Lord led me to in 2012 which is under the leadership of Pastor Mark Price.

My former Pastor, Mark Price, was so supportive in my earlier days when the Lord was giving me information to share regarding deliverance.